“Milan Federal Prison has had one of its most successful Black History Programs with The Gideon Crew, Sonnie Day, and Rufus Harris. I am so happy to inform you that so many inmates has spoke of the great time they had and couldn't wait for their reappearance!”   (K.B.)
“The Gideon Crew is the TRUTH!” (Dr. R.A. Vernon, The Word Church)
"Your music is unique and the words you used to tell stories and bring about convictions ministers to so many youth looking to worship God in a way their accustom to". (Sonnie Day)
"You guys are the REAL DEAL" (WLQV Host, Debbie)

"Our recent Gospel Concert with headliners, The Gideon Crew was truly AMAZING!!! I grew up on Motown in the 60's (and later Maze, Spinners, Lionel Richie, and Earth, Wind & Fire in the 70's), and I've always considered myself too mature for "rap." But, the riveting beats and smooth lyrics of the Gideon Crew introduced me to a new musical form of ministry, and Praise & Worship. YES!!!.....PRAISE & WORSHIP!!! I never could have imagined that "rap" could actually take me into the presence of God. But, when E.D. (Elder Day), Sonnie Day, Goodson, Big Jake, and Greg Davis Jr. of THE GIDEON CREW took the stage, they took us all into "high praise" with lively performances and hard-hitting lyrics that you could actually hear and understand. Then, the Spirit of the Lord became manifest as they took us into deeper and deeper worship with their testimonials and poetic, thought-provoking rap as they elevated "God Over Everhthing" in our hearts and minds. How do I know? When a praise leader takes me into the Throne Room of God with my hands lifted and my eyes closed and I see "gold sprinkles" behind my eyelids, it's my private time with Almighty God. That's when "My Daddy" talks to me, comforts me, and gives me His wisdom and instruction....like only He can do. The Gideon Crew took me there last Saturday with "rap"!!! They ended with an Invitation that brought our teens to the Altar, and they are still talking about the experience. Another Pastor called to report that one teenager who never participates in Praise & Worship was praising God last Sunday with hands lifted high and tears streaming down her cheeks. If you long for the anointing and an encounter with God, you owe yourself the chance to experience God in a new genre. The Gideon Crew is not mere band of performers.....they are anointed ministers. I wholeheartedly endorse The Gideon Crew to Pastors and Youth Ministers without reservation. I urge everyone to join them on tour to experience "God Over Everything." ~ (Pastor Wendy Williams, Jubilee Christian Center).
"Your cd made it back to NY with me from Wheaton and you have 2 happy teens in this house! Never could listen to rap music more than 5 sec and it wasnt allowed in our home....You boys are awesome, very gifted and truly have a message for this generation! God bless you in all you do"~ (Diane Olin-Higgins)
"I witnessed two amazing young men touch the hearts of a diverse group... Young,old, black, white, Latin and all who could hear their words.... Support them....Simply amazing" ~(Carla McKiver in Wheaton, Illinois)
"I am sooooo glad I am at the conference and experienced your ministry. I sincerely hope we can get you to come to the New Castle Correctional Facility and will be in touch!"~(K.Williams, New Castle, Indiana)